Siobhan Swart picking a bottle of supplements off a shelf.

Winter is Coming (and so is a lack of Vitamin D)

Winter is coming! (At least here in Ireland it is)⁣ 🥶

And what comes right along with winter? Lack of sunshine… And as such, a lack of a very essential Vitamin D.⁣ ☀️

Why is Vitamin D important?

Did you know that Vitamin D plays a vital role in maintaining health on the gastrointestinal tract? This means that Vitamin D helps reduce your likelihood of getting inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease and gut & lung infections! Vitamin D increases the microbes living in your gut, and so reduces inflammation through your body.⁣ ♥️

So, as you can tell, Vitamin D is quite important. And on top of that it is also such an important aspect of preventing depression-like symptoms. Winter is bound to get you down, and Vitamin D might just be the answer you’ve been looking for. ⁣😁

So, what should I do about my lack of Vitamin D?

Now that winter is here, it might be time to consider a Vitamin D supplement to help keep you healthy and happy during this gloomy time of year.

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