Nutritional Therapy is the most powerful tool we have to heal our bodies

At Health Concepts we want to make a real impact in our clients lives. That is why I specialise in nutritional therapy which involves looking at current issues/symptoms, working out the reasons for them being present and treating the root cause of imbalance, allowing the body to heal.

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Upgrade your gut with Health Concepts!

I’m Siobhan Swart, a registered Nutritional Therapist specializing in gut health. I am an enthusiastic advocate for our beautiful self-healing bodies. I am on a mission to empower people with knowledge to take back control of their health, reduce their reliance on medication and live life with energy.

Most health conditions have a link to the health of your gut. Auto immune conditions like Rheumatoid arthritis and Hashimoto’s, chronic inflammation, mental health, hormonal imbalances, migraines, skin conditions, cancer, obesity, fatigue and metabolic dysfunction like high blood pressure and high blood sugar can all either be reversed or well managed with nutritional therapy.

What if I told you that your body has a built-in magic wand able to improve all these conditions and that you have the power within you to change your life, to live a life free of fear, bloat, reflux, constipation, inflammation, pain and a reliance on medication. All you need to do is supply the correct building blocks.

Since I discovered Health Concepts along with a consultation with Siobhan, I'm feeling much better after suffering from digestive disorders for the previous 5 years. Thanks Siobhan for your professional guidance and wish you and Health Concepts every success in the future

Alan Hempenstall

Brilliant and very passionate about what she does! She's taken me from where no doctors could help me to a very happy healthy state!

Oliva Parbhunath

I have read through everything you sent me and I am quite honestly, blown away. I feel so empowered by your wording. I actually think I might be able to do this and that is huge for me. I feel ready, you were exactly the person I needed to talk to Siobhan and I thank you for your understanding, wisdom and knowledge. Thank you again Siobhan, you are truly gifted at what you do.

Miriam Coneillkiely

Siobhan was so easy to speak to and I felt like I could be totally honest without any judgement! She is extremely knowledgeable and seemed to know from pretty early into the consultation that my daughter has a gluten intolerance. I have no doubt I will get results with regards to my daughters health concerns with Siobhan’s help and guidance. I would highly recommend Siobhan!

Claire Baker van Zyl

Siobhan has literally changed my whole mind set about food. She has made me realize what's important and what's not , I now care more about what nutrients I put into my body rather than obsessing over calories etc.. I have been to a few nutritionists and I have never had a connection like I do with siobhan. she is so knowledgeable, I even introduced my mam to her and now my mam is seeing Siobhan too. I honeslty recommend her so much and it's not like me to write reviews . She has helped me so much and I'm so grateful for her.

Vanessa Burke

I highly recommend working with Siobhan! What an amazing woman…Siobhan is incredibly knowledgeable in everything health. She has been so helpful, compassionate and a great listener. When I first started with Siobhan I had a few health concerns…Depression, anxiety, anemia, and constipation. I have spoken to many health coaches through the years, but Siobhan is the first person that explained to me what exactly happens in our bodies, to our cells when we eat and what we eat! Understanding this really makes me want to make better choices when it comes to food. I am forever grateful to Siobhan 💕

Sjani Grobbelaar