How To Detox My Body

How To Detox My Body

How do I detox my system? How do I detoxify my body? How do you detox your gut and liver? How can I clean my stomach and intestines naturally?

The most common ways to detox. How do you reset your stomach acid? 

Have you ever searched “how to detox my body” on google? You could feel that something is off with your body. Certain foods suddenly make you feel sick. You don’t get hungry the way you used to. You are nauseous or bloated. You might’ve just come back from the holiday season but returned with a body that didn’t feel like your own. 

You’re not alone. Thousands of people go through this. Especially during heavy indulgence periods like Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, December months, or those recurrent depressive seasons. What happens is that your body experiences a build-up of toxins and bad bacteria. 

The bad news is that this experience sucks. The worst days are bad gut health days. Your entire system suffers. The good news is that this experience is treatable with body detox. The great news is I am here to tell you everything you need to know about body detox. How to detox all systems like your liver, your stomach, and your intestines. How to do it quickly or slowly. As well as all the signs, symptoms, and benefits relating to detox. Grab a bottle of water, read this article, and let the healing begin!

What is a full body detox, and do they work? What happens when you do a full-body detox?

How do you get rid of toxins in your body naturally? How do you get rid of bacteria in your body?

If you follow wellness influencers on social media, then you’ve probably heard about a full-body detox.  Another word people like to use is “cleanse”. Most times, however, it is promoted using unrealistic products and unhealthy expectations like drinking only juices for a month or having no food only water. 

Let’s deviate from the media’s perception because it is uneducated. The real definition of a detox is a way of using your body’s built-in tools as well as exterior support structures (like nutrition) to promote the secretion of toxins and the increase of health. 

Is it good to detox your body? Is detoxing good for the body?

Your body has naturally built-in tools that can help it detox itself. Detoxing can be either negative for your body or really good for your body depending on your beliefs and procedures. Always listen to a qualified Nutritional Therapist and gut health expert like myself if you want educated and researched solutions to gut and health. Someone with no qualifications or work experience most likely won’t give you the help you need. 

Toxins in your body can show up as processed foods, pollutants, heavy metals, and synthetic chemicals. When you follow diet culture’s way of detoxing- you will most likely end up with bad side effects and even more health problems. 

Now that leaves the question- what’s the correct way? Firstly, you need to understand that your body has natural systems in place to detox. These systems include your lips, skin, digestive system, kidneys, and liver. Detoxing comes in when these systems are no longer healthy enough to fully detox on their own. This is where you can come in and help. 

Learn more about the functions of all the systems in your body:  

What is the most toxic organ in the body?

Your organ systems all have different functions. Some fight off viruses and others remove toxins from your body. You actually have more detoxing organs than you think.

Your lungs, stomach, skin, and liver are all working to detox your body from various things. This is usually done via some form of excretion.

These are the same systems, unfortunately, that can become very weak and toxins can consume your body. This happens when the rate at which you ingest toxins is faster than the rate at which you excrete them. For example: if you lay down and eat 4 junk food meals a day but barely burn any sweat– you will build up toxins in your gut.

How do you know if your body is toxic? How do you know if you need to do a detoxify body cleanse?

What are the signs that your body needs a detox? How do you know if something is wrong with your stomach? 

Here are some signs that you need a detox: 

  • You haven’t detoxed in years. 
  • Fatigue. 
  • Skin irritation. 
  • Allergies. 
  • Infections.
  • Bloating or discomfort. 
  • Bags under your eyes. 
  • Menstrual complications. 
  • Low mental functioning. 

The great thing about the human body is that it communicates. When it’s healthy, you will know. You will have great moods, good energy, great digestion, improved concentration, and no discomfort. Contrary, if it’s unhealthy, you will also know. You will experience digestive issues, pains, low moods, and various complaints. 

The main sign that you need a detox is when your major organ systems are dysfunctioning. These systems include your digestive system, skin, immune system, and circulatory system. 

How long does it take to fully detox the human body? How long will it take to detox my body?

How many days should you detox your body? How many days does it take to detox your whole body?

You’re probably wondering how long this is going to take. Just like most matters in health and wellness, there isn’t a “one size fits all” answer. Most people start feeling better on a day of detoxing. Other people still struggle after a month. How long it will take depends on many things such as:

  • Your gut lining strength. 
  • The state of your immune system.
  • Age and gender. 
  • Your weight. 
  • Your eating habits. 
  • Your lifestyle choices. 
  • How many changes do you make per day? 
  • Your digestive health. 
  • Genetics. 
  • How long has your body been exposed to toxins? 
  • Whether you drink or smoke. 
  • How committed you are. 
  • Which tips do you follow? 
  • Your implementation strategy. 

It can take up to 10 days to see real changes. However, even after one day of detoxing, you can begin to feel better and stronger. It all depends on the factors mentioned above. Now that you know your detoxing is personal, why not work with me? I will take your personally unique factors into consideration, discover what your root causes are, and give you the best solutions for your gut and digestive health. Have a look at my packages: 

How can I detox my body easily at home? How to detox your body at home: Full body cleanse detox at home. How do I detox my liver? How do I detoxify my liver? How do I detox my liver naturally? 

How do I detox my gut? How do I detox my stomach? How can I clean my stomach naturally? How to clean your stomach?

Now that you have evaluated whether or not you should detox your body, you can move on to the next step. The next step is to determine how you can cleanse your systems. An important thing to note is that your detoxing methods depend on how much time you want to invest in your process. 

The main step in detoxing is to eliminate all the bad things like alcohol and cigarettes with no nutritional value. As well as toxins around the home like strong cleaning chemicals. Next, you will want to work on adding positive things like stress reduction methods, good food, and movement. 

Below I’ve broken the procedure up into two. One for the people that are looking for a quick fix and another for the people who are willing to invest some time into the procedure. Keep reading to find the one that suits you best. 

What is the fastest way to flush your body of toxins? How do I detox my body quickly? How to detox your body fast. How do Beginners detox?

How can I clean my stomach in 2 minutes?

The fastest way to flush your body of toxins is to drink water. Water is the quickest and easiest way to detox. When you feel nauseous, experience tummy pain, have bladder infections, or consume too much alcohol. Water can transport all the toxins out of your bloodstream and help them be excreted through your body. 

How can I detox my body in one day? How to detox your body in a day. Best way to detox your body in 24 hours.

Here are some tips to clear up your stomach in a day:

  1. Get your digestion flowing with exercise. 
  2. Have lean protein for the day, not fatty protein. 
  3. Drink as much water as your body needs from the moment you wake up. 
  4. Have 2 cups of green tea. 
  5. Cut out dairy for the day. 
  6. Choose the low-carb variations of meals. 
  7. Do not order processed or junk food. 
  8. Stay away from added sugars. 

Detoxing starts with good decisions. It is a process of eliminating bad food and taking in good food. It is totally possible to detox in a day. Just remember, however, that it can be risky if you don’t do it properly. If you change too much, too fast, your motivation can collapse. 

Also, remember that you need to follow the correct steps. There is no set drink that can cure your gut in 24 hours. Starving yourself doesn’t cure your gut. It’s all about incorporating small steps and making healthy alternative changes. 

How can I clean my stomach in 3 days? Can I detox my body in 3 days? How can I clean my gut in 3 days? How can I detox my body in 7 days?

Day 1

Here’s how to do a 3-7 day detox. The first day will be your attention day. You will get a journal and create two columns: one for “food I ate” and “how I felt”. On this day you will proceed as usual. The only difference is that you’ll record what you ate during the day. As well as how you felt after eating. This will really help you to determine how the food you eat affects your body on a daily basis. Here you can notice any digestive, sensitivity, energy, mood, or health issues caused by the food you eat.

Day 2 

The second day is the day you eliminate and replace. Based on the food journal from the first day, which foods do you need to cut out? When do you feel the illest, tired, or discomfort? Often these symptoms are caused by the food we consume. Now you can cut out these foods. Most of them will be dairy, processed food, high carbs, as well as any food you are allergic to. 

Now you will replace these foods with gut-supporting alternatives. This will be your probiotics, prebiotics, fiber, and lean food. Stay close to water and leafy greens. Also, ensure that you reduce your food portions. Say no to those cravings by making healthier alternatives. If you crave sweets, have fruit. Go easy on your gut and pay attention to anything making you feel awful. 

Day 3 

On the 3rd day, once you start eating better, you will continue to do so. You will also add healthy habits to your day. This will include anything that allows you to move your body. Whether you prefer to go to the gym, run, do yoga, or even clean. Just get that blood flowing and digestion working. You should also do active stress management. This can be done by joining therapy, getting a journal, doing yoga, or finding relaxation methods throughout your day. Here are some more healthy habit challenges you can try out on day 3: 

If you’re wondering how to make this last longer, you are welcome to extend this to more than 3 days. You can detox in 7 days. 20 days. Even months. If you want more tips you can add to detox your body, then continue scrolling to find more helpful ways to cleanse your body. 

How to remove toxins from body naturally: 30 Safe & effective ways to detox your body naturally. Get rid of toxins! Try these 30 natural ways to detox your body. Full body detox: 30 ways to rejuvenate your body. 

30 Ways to detoxify your body naturally. 30 Ways to detox your body—In a safe, healthy way. 30 Effective tips to naturally detox your body.

Here are the top ways to naturally detox your body:

  1. Reduce alcohol consumption.
  2. Get adequate sleep.
  3. Have more fiber foods. 
  4. Focus on breathing slowly and wholly. 
  5. Fix your sleeping schedule. 
  6. Increase water intake. 
  7. Water therapy is key.
  8. Have lean protein.
  9. Try detoxing drinks like lemon tea or green tea. 
  10. Use a sauna to release toxins.
  11. Cut down on sugar. 
  12. Have herbs like green tea and dandelion root.
  13. Practice grounding methods like yoga. 
  14. Cut down on processed food. 
  15. Eat food rich in antioxidants. 
  16. Up your vitamins A, C, and E intake.
  17. Have more prebiotics. 
  18. Consult a doctor. 
  19. Increase your blood flow. 
  20. Control blood sugar levels. 
  21. Lose weight. 
  22. Limit caloric intake. 
  23. Decrease salt consumption. 
  24. Move your body daily. 
  25. Have foods high in sulfur. 
  26. Use natural body care products.
  27. Reduce chemical exposure to cleansers and detergents. 
  28. Manage your stress and triggers. 
  29. Have more fruit. 
  30. Consume leafy greens. 

Detoxing is available to everyone. I would not entirely recommend you to purchase any online advertised drink that will “detox and clean your whole body.” Drinks like this come with unrealistic expectations and untrue results. You can detox by aiding your detoxing organ systems. Your body is fully capable of detoxing if you give it the correct aid and help to achieve this. 

21 Superfoods that help you to detoxify your body. What food cleans your stomach? 21 Best foods for detoxing your body. 21 Foods that detox the body.

What fruit is best for detox? What foods remove toxins from your body? Is yogurt good for detox? Are bananas detoxing? Are bananas good during detox? Are boiled eggs good for detox?

Here are the top gut-healing foods:

  1. Apples
  2. Beets
  3. Asparagus
  4. Broccoli
  5. Collard greens
  6. Spinach
  7. Avocados
  8. Cabbage
  9. Blueberries
  10. Flaxseeds
  11. Garlic
  12. Cranberries
  13. Lemon
  14. Legume 
  15. Kale
  16. Grapefruit
  17. Artichoke
  18. Fresh fruit 
  19. Green tea
  20. Watercress
  21. Brown rice

If you thought that the only way to detox is to take harsh medicine or processed chemical juices. You were thinking wrong. Luckily, our body is easily healed by nutrition. The better news is that your fridge has multiple staples that can help you. If you have any more questions, you should consider connecting with me on Instagram via my DM’s. I am a gut health specialist that will help your unique body discover the ideal building blocks in order to heal. 

What foods to avoid while detoxing? What should you not eat while detoxing?

Now that you know what to have, it’s important to consider what you shouldn’t. Cut out:

  • Heavily processed food. 
  • Dairy products. 
  • High carbs. 
  • Gluten. 
  • Inorganic products.
  • Heavy red meats. 
  • Added sugars. 
  • Unhealthy fats. 
  • Junk foods.

As great as food can be, it can also be counter-productive for your health if you choose unhealthy options. Stick to anything whole, organic, and unprocessed. If it’s green and leafy, then chances are you should have it. Have lots of water while you’re detoxing. You do not need to starve on your detoxing journey, all you need is healthy food alternatives to substitute the bad ones. 

What to drink to detox your body. What is the best detox drink? What to drink to clean your insides?

What juice helps detox the body? What drinks clean the stomach? What can I drink to flush my liver? What should I drink on an empty stomach to detox?

How do I detox my body with water? 

If you are asking for the best detox drink, it is definitely not that heavily processed fruit juice that has many colourants, additives, and flavouring in it. The ultimate detoxing drink is water. Purified water to be specific. Tap water has many germs and particles that are extremely bad for your gut. 

The best way to detox with water is to have it naturally and about 2-4L a day, depending on many factors. Your weight, activity, age, and gender will determine how much water you should drink. Check out to see how much water you need per day given your specific parameters. 

Water is also perfectly detoxifying when mixed with other natural agents. Such as green tea, lemons, ginger, or mint. Boiled water has been used multiple times to aid in bloating, indigestion, and pain.  

Does lemon water detox your body?

Lemon water is a game changer when it comes to natural detoxing. Cut up some fresh lemons and add some boiling water to them. I won’t even suggest drinking a lemon-flavoured tea bag for this. Go natural and raw. Lemons are good support for your immune system. Warm water is also great for digestion and metabolism.  

What is a good morning detox drink? How can I clean my stomach early in the morning?

Water is the best drink for the morning. A full glass of water can start your day, wake your organs up, and provide some energy to your cells. Other good options are drinks of apple cider vinegar, lemon tea, cucumber with mint drink, honey and lemon tea, orange and carrot juice, apple and kale, and beetroot with mint, and the options are endless. If it’s good to eat, then you can have it as a drink. Just don’t add sugars and flavoured yogurt. 

What can I drink at night to detox? How can I clean my stomach fast at night?

A great way to detox your body at night is to drink green tea. Cut out caffeine drinks and swap them out for green tea. Especially after meals, and before bed. Green tea helps with cleaning out your digestive system. It’s also great at boosting your metabolism. You can add natural honey with green tea if you hate the bitter taste. 

What happens when your body starts to detox? What happens when you detox yourself?

How do you know detox is working? How do I know if my liver is detoxing?

Here’s how to tell if your body is busy detoxing:

  • When your blood cleanses. 
  • Energy levels increase. 
  • Mindset improvement. 
  • If impurities are removed from the liver. 
  • When toxins are processed and eliminated. 
  • Your natural cleansing system improves. 
  • Your organs had a chance to rest. 
  • Blood circulation is improved. 
  • Less prone to illnesses.
  • Body is fueled with nutrients. 

How many times a week should you detox your body? How often should you detox your body? How often should I detoxify my body?

Is it good to detox your body every day?

How often you detox usually ends up being a personal choice. People detox for various reasons. These reasons determine how long and how often one detox. Popular beliefs around detox suggest that you can detox once a week. 

However, I will suggest otherwise. There is a key element to consider when thinking about whether or not you should detox. How does your gut feel? When your gut is okay, then you do not have to detox per se. Most often your body will tell you what it needs and when it needs it. Just pay attention to the sign and heal your gut. A healed gut will communicate effectively. 

Do you detox on an empty stomach?

There are a few things you can and can’t do on an empty stomach. We know we shouldn’t exercise or run far miles on an empty stomach. We shouldn’t drink medicine on an empty stomach. But what about detoxing? 

Well, it depends on what you’re detoxing with. You do not want to drink harsh detoxing tablets on an empty stomach. You can scar your gut lining. However, natural sources like boiled water work great on an empty stomach. This is because it can induce bowel movements. It is also an effective aid to filter out toxins directly. 

Can detoxing cause weight gain? How to detox your body for weight loss

There’s a large debate on whether or not you should detox for weight loss. Some sources say it is a great way to lose weight. Others say that weight loss is temporary and you can regain weight once you go back to your normal diet. 

My best advice on the topic is to just live healthily every day. Cut out bad food every day. Exercise every day. Manage stress every day. Choose leafy greens over processed junk food. Drink water every day. Once a healthy lifestyle and healthy food choices become a habit, then you will naturally lose weight. You will also keep the weight off. Check out more myths and facts about weight loss here. 

Does detoxing make you poop?

Yes, detoxing stimulates bowel movements. When you activate your gut, digestion occurs. When you begin to assess your digestive system, it starts working. Digestion starts when your body releases toxins from your system. Thus, detoxing the system will stimulate bowel movements. It can also help people that suffer from irregular toilet schedules such as people that have chronic constipation or diarrhea. 

Final thoughts: Can detoxing make you sick? Can detoxing your body make you sick?

Should you detox your body? My final thought on the topic is that detoxing can be very good for you. Especially if your body has been suffering. However, it is key to remember that one drink or one supplement can’t cure your body overnight nor make you lose weight in a week. 

It is essential for you to follow the correct procedures and let professionals like myself help you. I am a passionate Nutritional Therapist with an International Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition from CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine), and a member of NTOI (Nutritional Therapists of Ireland).

I specialize in helping people who suffer from frustrating digestive issues like constipation, bloating, heartburn and reflux. I love working alongside people who are eager to resolve their issues so they can achieve symptom relief without medication, even when they have previously felt hopeless.

My mission is to empower my clients with the knowledge that our bodies are self-healing when given the right building blocks. As a result, they regain control of their health and have an improved quality of life, like in their younger years.