Why Should I Move My Body Every Day?

Why Should I Move My Body Every Day?

Why you should move your body every day. Why is it important to move your body properly? Why is it good to move your body?

Scenario: I’m laying on the couch after a long day and wondering why should I move my body every day. As if being a full-time parent, student, or employee isn’t enough. Society also expects me to move around for fitness. Then I need to move around to cook and clean for my family. And if I want to earn money, I need to move to get it too! I am exhausted. All I want to do is to stop moving for a week and just sulk in this rest. Help!

Welcome to your Ultimate guide on movement. If you relate to the above scenario, you need to know that you’re not alone. As an active person myself, I too question why so much movement is involved in functioning as a well-balanced human being. Unfortunately, your entire body system requires you to move. Fortunately, if you figure out how to move and how it benefits you then it becomes a lot less tedious. 

How often should I move my body? How much movement does a body need?

How long should you move your body daily? How long should you move per day?

You probably wonder how much movement is deemed enough for someone that wants to be fit. Sometimes it feels like you’re sacrificing your soul just to move from your bed to your car and into your office. I get it! However, when you learn how to move in a way that your body loves, then you can begin to fully enjoy all the benefits there are to daily physical activity. But how much movement is enough?

You should move your body every day if you are physically able. Otherwise, the best thing for your entire being is movement. I would recommend you choose the duration of your movement depending on how physically fit you are. Beginners should opt for shorter periods such as 10-15 minutes. Note that this time excludes daily tasks. You should, as often as you can, opt for at least 10 minutes of fitness-based movement. 

What benefit can you get from moving your body for 30 minutes a day? What will happen if I exercise 30 minutes a day? What are 3 benefits of being physically active at least 30 minutes each day?

There are ample benefits of a quick 30-minute workout which include:

  • Reduce excess fat. 
  • Increase cardiovascular fitness. 
  • Promotes strength. 
  • Boost mood. 
  • Decrease the risk of heart disease. 
  • Improve heart strength. 
  • Stimulates positive results for old age. 
  • Improves bone strength.
  • Keeps your circulatory system healthy.
  • Improve digestion. 
  • Boosts mood.

Don’t underestimate the power of short-duration movements. We often say “I don’t have time to exercise.” Then we spend an hour scrolling through Instagram. It takes just 30 minutes for you to get a really beneficial workout completed.

Here is what a perfect 30-minute workout routine would look like: https://www.self.com/story/heres-what-a-perfect-30-minute-workout-looks-like 

Just move! The thirty benefits of everyday movement. Why is it important to move your body properly? 30 Benefits of moving your body. What is the benefit of body movements in our daily life? Benefits of moving your body daily

30 Reasons to move every day. 5 Benefits of moving your body every day. The importance of moving your body every day. 25 Benefits of moving every day.

Exercise benefits the following areas of your body and life:

  1. Muscles 
  2. Bones
  3. Joints
  4. Brain 
  5. Heart 
  6. Lungs
  7. Mental health
  8. Weight loss
  9. Energy
  10. Mood
  11. Digestion
  12. Circulation
  13. Cholesterol
  14. Blood pressure
  15. Immune system 
  16. Hormones
  17. Sleep quality
  18. Strength 
  19. Metabolism 
  20. Self-confidence
  21. Mental fatigue
  22. Body clock
  23. Discipline
  24. Diabetes
  25. Longevity
  26. Cancer growth 
  27. Pain
  28. Posture
  29. Respiratory system 
  30. Social life 

All 30 areas of your life will either improve greatly or deteriorate immensely depending on your physical activity every day. You can become a well-rounded and happier version of yourself when you begin to understand just how much your body needs you to move. When you begin to explore the advantages of exercise, your life will become better. When you begin to make exercise a daily habit, your life will become exceptional!

If you saw a topic that interests you on this list, then you can scroll down and read the exact benefits of exercise in this particular area. Or, even better, read them all so that you can gain new knowledge! 

Why should I move my body every day: For my muscles

The most obvious reason for wanting to exercise and be physically active is to change the formation of your body. This usually happens with a combination of losing fat and gaining lean muscle. Other people want to gain big bulky muscles. Whether you want a swimmer’s lean body or a bodybuilder’s bulk. 

Exercise can help you achieve either. However, the benefits for your muscles go beyond just growth. Your muscles can tone while exercising. It helps to improve your performance. It gives you athletic abilities that improve endurance. 

Why should I move my body every day: For my bones 

Your skeleton is the reason you move and function every day. Without it, you’d just be a big blob unable to do anything. Most of us carry around an extremely weak skeletal system. This is due to a lack of good nutrition and daily strengthening. 

You provide your bones with strength and health by exercising your body even just 20 minutes a day. If you are physically active. Your bone density increases. This is important to sustain you in older days. It also makes it easier for you to navigate through daily activities with ease. 

Why should I move my body every day: For my joints 

If you’re in your 20s but you crack and cripple like a 90-year-old, then you probably need to have a look at your joints. When your body is working and using any of your joints, you can feel pain and discomfort a lot quicker than normal. This is due to weak joints. Daily movement can help with this. 

More than just your joints, exercise helps all areas of your movement including your ligaments and tendons. They become stronger the more you progress. It helps you to maintain your health. In this way, you are less likely to sustain injury and to maintain their overall functionality. 

Why should I move my body every day: For my brain 

Do you ever notice how if you’re stuck in a small space for too long, your brain starts feeling like you’re losing regular functioning? Or when you have been sitting at your desk studying all day, you begin to lose your ability to concentrate. This is because physical stagnation often leads to cognitive stagnation.

Why should I move my body every day: For my heart 

A main benefit of cardiovascular activity is that it gets your heart pumping. This active beating of your heart and your heart rate increase is extremely good for you. Your heart needs to be healthy in order for you to be healthy. 

Regular exercise improves your heart strain and lowers your resting heart rate. This happens when your heart becomes stronger. Leading to it not having to do as much work to keep you alive and healthy. Your artery reaction to blood pressure is also greatly improved when you become more physically fit. 

Heart diseases are on the rise with our mundane sedative lifestyles. When you lounge around all day, your heart is at greater risk of getting major problems. Heart attacks are also widely reduced in people who are more physically fit. You should prioritize doing at least 30 minutes a day to improve your cardiovascular strength as well as your heart strength.  

Why should I move my body every day: For my lungs

Get up and go for a walk in the fresh nature air. You’ll instantly feel your lungs clearing up and your breathing becoming better. Your lung health will improve vastly when you begin to move your body daily. Most people with asthma have reported that light exercises help them to feel better during the day. 

When you work out, your lung efficiency increases. Now you will begin to notice that this organ works better and more effectively. Lung capacity also gets better with regular movement. Your ability to improve your lung efficiency and capacity is a game changer. It will leave you feeling happier and healthier for longer. 

Why should I move my body every day: For my mental health | Is moving good for mental health?

We often think that lazing around is the best way to deal with our low mental health days. Although extra rest on these days is essential. I challenge you to do a quick and easy workout on your low mental health days. 

Exercise is one of the best tools you have to improve your mind. It is an effortless experience to stimulate the things that go on in your mind. The process of exercising strengthens your mind and keeps it active. 

Why should I move my body every day: For my weight

Why should I move my body every day to lose weight? Can moving your body help you lose weight? Does movement burn fat?

If you’re reading this section and thinking “I’ve been working out for months and I’m still overweight.” Your feelings are valid but just bare with me.

There is tons of scientific research proving that exercise promotes weight loss. As well as many real-life examples of people losing weight every day in the gym or on the field. If you can’t relate to this then it’s because another area of your life is hindering you. Either your lifestyle, nutrition, or general health. If you need help with weight loss, I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist that specialises in gut health. Have a look at my work and consider me for your next health journey: https://www.healthconcepts.ie/ 

Exercise Why should I move my body every day: For my energy

I know, it’s contradictory to tell someone with no energy to get up and exercise for energy. Because, well, you need the energy to exercise. However, it’s actually not this complicated. One week of consistent exercise and you’ll already notice how you have more energy in the day to exercise. 

Why should I move my body every day: For my mood

Moving for your mood is such an underrated experience. Just one hike, 20-minute yoga, a quick gym session, or a walk in the park. You’ll instantly begin to feel better. Humans weren’t made to be stagnant this is why our moods decrease when we act out of our norm.

You will notice that your mood affects how you operate in your daily life. From the food choices you make to even the level of health you maintain. If your mood is low, your entire bodily functioning suffers. This is why it is important to keep up your mood through regular exercise.

Why should I move my body every day: For my digestion

Your digestion flows with you. Literally. When you move, your bowels are more likely to move. When you don’t, things inside become stagnant. Exercise is really good for your gut and digestive health. This is because when you are active, your blood flow to your digestive muscles is stimulated. Which serves as a massage along the digestive tract. Another benefit is that exercise stimulated good and balanced gut bacteria. 

Why should I move my body every day: For my circulation

Research says that exercise improves your circulation. When you move your body, it increases the circulation of blood in your veins. Your heart begins to pump blood. This moves blood faster around your body. Here, your arteries are flushed. This is good for your health and well-being.

Why should I move my body every day: For my cholesterol levels

Whether you have bad cholesterol or not. This is still important information for you to know. Especially if you are a young adult or a parent. Knowing how to control your cholesterol levels can give you a really big chance at health and happiness.

Why should I move my body every day: For my blood pressure 

Exercise: A drug-free approach to lowering high blood pressure. Does exercise lower blood pressure quickly?

Did you know, exercise can help with blood pressure levels? High blood pressure is caused by stiffness of your blood vessels. When you move, your blood moves. This circulation is helpful to reduce blood pressure. It reduces blood vessel stiffness. It is so important to continue exercising to maintain this blood pressure. 

Why should I move my body every day: For my immunity

Many things can bring your immunity down. Stress, bacterial exposure, a pandemic, poor diet choices, and so much more. With just a little regular fitness movement on a daily basis, you can strengthen your immune system.

Why should I move my body every day: For my hormones

Your hormones will thank you if you start working out. Your body is made up of many powerful hormones. Your sex hormones, for instance, control the entire functioning of your life and health. They are regulated when you exercise. 

If you move every day, you will begin to improve your mood and see better physical health. It is important to move daily so that you can keep them in tip-top shape. Your metabolic hormones like insulin are also regulated and managed well when you exercise. 

Why should I move my body every day: For my sleep quality

Are you finding it difficult to sleep? Have you tried everything? You should try exercising in the afternoon. It will greatly improve your ability to sleep. You will also find yourself becoming tired easier at night. This is perfect for rest.

Why should I move my body every day: For my self-confidence

Someone who exercises regularly often has these qualities:

  • Consistency 
  • Discipline 
  • Self-control 
  • Confidence
  • Strength 
  • Goal-driven
  • Inspirational 
  • Strategic 
  • In tune with their bodies.
  • Value
  • Direction
  • Body satisfaction 
  • Better mood
  • Controlled mental health
  • Skill
  • Speed
  • Diligence 
  • Athletic abilities 
  • Resilience 
  • Self-respect 
  • Self-assurance 
  • Cognitive strength 
  • Endurance 
  • Patience

Have you ever seen someone that exercises regularly? The confidence they carry themselves with is unmatched. You can see that they hold themselves to a high standard. This will help with your mental health and mood.

Why should I move my body every day: For my mental fatigue

The concept of exercise for energy is very ironic. You need the energy to exercise and you need to exercise for energy! I know it can be difficult to convince yourself to get out of your cozy bed and onto the uncomfortable floor on your exercise mat. It’s more convenient to stay indoors than drive all the way to the gym.

As great as these temporary pleasures are, you will suffer long-term implications. 

Why should I move my body every day: For my pregnancy

A pregnant woman should definitely be moving when carrying a baby. I am not a doctor, but I do know the benefits it has for your health. It is advised to see a fitness trainer on which stage of your pregnancy you should exercise and how much exercise you should do. It’s important to move but also do it in a safe way to protect yourself and your baby. Exercise during pregnancy is also known to decrease labour pains and strengthen your bones and muscles to carry the baby’s weight with more ease.

Why should I move my body every day: For my pain

If you have pain, then I would recommend physical activity. To a level that you can handle. Do not over-exert yourself when you are in pain. However, some movement prevents your painful areas from becoming stiff or weak. See a physiotherapist if you have physical persistent pain. 

Exercise is also good for arthritis. 

I would suggest seeing a doctor but here are some quick signs of someone with arthritis. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/arthritis/symptoms-causes/syc-20350772 

Why should I move my body every day: For my posture

Bad posture happens from daily habits. If you sit all day. If you lay down incorrectly. Posture is ruined by slouching on the couch and watching tv. Or having no core strength. With bad posture, you can physically ruin your main organs as well as your spine and bone health. With regular movement, your posture will be greatly improved. This is because exercise strengthens your core which allows you to hold your body in tune properly.

The main focus of exercising is also on your form. The form is the way you posture and position your body while exercising. The form allows you to keep your spine straight, core intact, and posture correct. I will promote this to anyone with bad posture. 

Why should I move my body every day: For my social life 

If you need new friends, I would highly recommend that you start a fitness activity. Unlike drinking and partying socializing, fitness socializing will benefit your body, mind, health, energy, and wellness. 

With a good fitness club, your days will become more exciting. On top of that, socializing carries ample benefits for your health and wellness. It is best to join a fitness activity that you like so that you can stand a bigger chance of meeting people with similar interests. Gyms have many people with the same interests as well as personal trainers, social events, and specialized classes for your specific interests. Online classes are also available for your specific interests.

Here are some benefits of socializing for your health: https://www.mercycare.org/bhs/employee-assistance-program/eapforemployers/resources/health-benefits-of-social-interaction/ 

What happens if you don’t move all day?

Is it better to sit or stand all day? What happens when you sit all the time?

Now that you know the benefits of movement. We need to discuss what happens if you don’t move. Imagine just being stagnant. Only moving for the necessities like going to the restroom or to eat and not moving for anything else can leave you feeling terrible.

It is suggested to move for fitness every day. Lazing around now and then is a good idea. However, if you want to be healthy you can’t live a lazy life. You have to get moving while your body still can’t.

Do I need to move every day: Ways to move every day

20 ways to move. 

Here’s how you can become more active:

  1. Clean your house.
  2. Nature walks.
  3. Join a gym.
  4. Calisthenics
  5. Sports.
  6. Dancing.
  7. Outdoor activities.
  8. Yoga.
  9. Join a walking club.
  10. Pilates.
  11. Online Bootcamp.
  12. Park runs.
  13. Cycling.
  14. Rowing.
  15. Walk instead of drive.
  16. Take the stairs.
  17. Take the dogs for a walk.
  18. Walk your baby in a stroller.
  19. Stand by your desk instead of sitting.
  20. Treadmill.

The gym isn’t for everyone. Lifting heavy weights isn’t everyone’s strong suit. Constant running and sweating are also not everyone’s dream way of staying in shape. Luckily, there are multiple ways to move other than gymming or cardio. The easiest way to stay consistent is to make movement a habit instead of a commitment. Put in small principles where you can substitute stagnation for movement. It’s the 1% changes that make the biggest difference in the long run. This is how you obtain consistent health.