Top 15 Types Of Grapes

Did you know that our grape options are limitless?⁣⁠

We usually pick between “red grapes” or “green grapes”. If you’re a little bit fancier, you pick either “seed grapes” or “seedless grapes”😂😊 . However, there are actually over 8000 DIFFERENT GRAPES to choose from. Interesting, right?⁣⁠

The top 15 types of grapes available

Here is a list of my top 15 types of grapes:⁣

  1. Valiant grapes⁣⁠
  2. Sultana grapes⁣⁠
  3. Kyoho grapes⁣⁠
  4. Moon balls⁣
  5. Fry Muscadine grapes⁣⁠
  6. Crimson seedless grapes⁣
  7. Cotton Candy grapes⁣⁠
  8. Lemberger grapes⁣⁠
  9. Moon drops⁣
  10. Riesling grapes⁣⁠
  11. Cabernet Sauvignon ⁣⁠
  12. Kyoho grapes⁣⁠
  13. Concord grapes⁣⁠
  14. Flame seedless⁣⁠
  15. Merlot⁣⁠

So the next time you go to the grocery store, keep in mind you are eating one out of eight thousand grape options! All having various colours, usages, benefits, and countries of origin. Oh, how fascinating the Nutritional Industry is! ⁣⁠

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