The Two Types Of Melons And Which One I Love The Most!

I am obsessed with melon! ⁣⁠

Two types of melons

There are actually two main types of melons; cantaloupe and honeydew. Although both are filled with nutrients, I love cantaloupes!

What are cantaloupes?

Cantaloupes are melons that have an orange interior. In South Africa (my home country), they’re actually famously known as “spanspek”! 🍈😄⁣⁠

I am obsessed with them because they are often sweet and juicy. They’re also perfect in any fruit bowl or as a single snack.

Why are cantaloupes so healthy?

Cantaloupes are rich in provitamin A. They also have a high vitamin C content, and they are a fantastic antioxidant. The nutrients in them are also great at being an anti-inflammatory agent.⁣

Besides watermelon as a go-to summer snack, I would definitely recommend cantaloupe melon too! ✨ This is because they can help assist with the effects of sun exposure with their antioxidant qualities. ⁣⁠

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