Why You Should Eat More Tomatoes

Hey guys! I decided to hop on here today to tell you just how amazing tomatoes are! 🍅🎉 This highly nutritional fruit is more diverse than you might know.⁣⁠

The benefits of tomatoes for your internal health

Tomatoes are great for your internal health. For starters, they are rich in vitamins. One tomato provides almost half of the Vitamin C your body requires per day. They also support your bones with their Vitamin K content and your blood pressure with their potassium content. ⁣⁠

The red colour of tomatoes is produced by an antioxidant. This protects your heart and could lower the chances of strokes. They are also rich in fiber and fluid, which supports your gut health and reduces digestive problems. ✨⁣⁠

The benefits of tomatoes for your external health

However, tomatoes are also great for your external health. A tomato is actually an organic beauty treatment too! 💄 Tomatoes have a high lycopene content. Mixing it with olive oil produces collagen. This can boost your skin’s structure, keeping it firm. ⁣⁠

The high vitamin content means tomatoes can also be beneficial to reduce acne. It can reduce dark circles when turned into a paste, as well as improve your hair texture. ⁣⁠

Our kitchens have the solution for everything. Tomato is an all-in-one problem solver! ⁣⁠

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