Do’s And Don’ts Of Creating Healthy Habits

An important lesson I’ve learned this year: motivation doesn’t bring you success, habits do. 🧠💡⁣⁣⁠

We often think that in order to reach our goals, we need to make drastic changes all at once. This sets our expectations too high and we end up quitting before we even started! These are unhealthy habits and goals. ⁣⁣You know a habit is healthy if it brings a subtle positive change. It becomes your new routine without sudden added stress. 💫⁣⁣⁠

How to create realistic and healthy habits

⁣⁣⁠Here are 4 steps to form realistic, healthy, and long-lasting habits:

  1. Write down your goals/ dreams. Divide them into long-term and short-term.⁣⁣⁠
  2. A step most people omit: Write down the different habits it will take to reach each goal. Be specific⁣⁣⁠.
  3. Now, pick one habit to focus on. Take time to implement one new healthy habit at a time⁣⁣⁠.
  4. Once you have that mastered, implement the next one⁣⁣⁠.

Begin with a daily habit

Now that you know how to set habits, a good habit to start with would be any habit that you can implement day-to-day. One that fits into your schedule.⁣⁣⁠

Exampled would be:

  • Walking for 20 minutes instead of watching movies instantly after work⁣⁣⁠.
  • Drinking 8+ glasses of water every day instead of just sugary beverages⁣⁣⁠.
  • Reading one educational book a month by reducing screen time⁣.⁣⁠

Whatever your goals are, you can achieve them with healthy habits turned into a daily routine! ⁣⁣⁠

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