Woman commits to changing my routine

I’m Changing My Routine & You Should Too!

While me and the hubby were out and about with Coco 🐶 today I was thinking about all the things I try to do every day to keep myself happy and healthy. And I was also thinking about all the things I should be incorporating into my routine that I’ve been neglecting a little bit… to keep myself happy and healthy!⁣ 🥰

I thought I would share with you the 3 things I’m going to try focus on for the next while so that I am the best version of myself by the time Christmas rolls around!⁣ 🎄

3 ways I’m changing my routine:

  1. I’m going to start every morning with something positive. ♥️ Something like journaling or some me-time in nature or some yoga or hobbies that will make me feel like me, and help me start the day on the right foot.⁣
  2. I’m going to prioritise plenty of sleep! 💤 I’ve been juggling a lot the last month, and that means that I haven’t been prioritising my sleep as much as I should have. ⁣
  3. And I’m going to make loads of time for nature walks! 🌿 It’s so easy to get into a work routine where you feel like you don’t have time to get outside, so this is something I’m starting to focus on more!⁣

What will you be focusing on this month to make sure you’re happy and healthy? ⁣💬

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