Weight loss and cognitive behavioural therapy

Train your brain for weight loss.

How cognitive behavioural therapy can aid your health journey.

Weight loss is a complex subject that requires a holistic approach. Losing weight in a healthy way and maintaining it can be a struggle for many.  Altering diet and increasing exercise do not always yield the results we seek.

That is because many of us want more out of our weight loss journey than just the reduction in weight, for some it is improved self- confidence and self-image. Which are common underlying motivators for weight loss. It stands to reason that we should then also focus on emotional growth during our weight loss to facilitate reaching these emotional goals.

The common approach to weight loss is to eat less and exercise more, but recently people have realized there is more to it than that. Factors such as stress, sleep and hormones all affect weight loss. What sets CBT– Cognitive behavioural therapy –  apart is that it recognizes the emotional connection we all have with our weight and food. Combining CBT and lifestyle changes can yield the best results.

So, what is cognitive behavioural therapy? And how does it help weight loss?

 CBT focuses on emotional health and helping the client develop a healthy response to their emotions. It assesses your perceptions about yourself and others and allows you to build skills that improves your thoughts and behaviour patterns.

This is crucial for anyone going through a health or weight journey. Through this journey we need to change the way we perceive certain situations as well as the way we perceive ourselves and our lifestyles.  CBT not only assists weight loss, but also other issues such as stress and anxiety, which have been linked to increased body weight.

Through CBT clients learn a variety of skills to help them in their wellness journey; such as:

  • Skills to manage stress in a healthy manner
  • Ability to overcome negative self-talk and improve self-image
  • Improve smart goal setting and consistent follow through
  • Alter perceptions around weight, food and emotions

This enables clients to have a healthier relationship with food, how they think about weight loss and how to approach weight loss through lifestyles changes.

If you feel like you have tried everything under the sun to lose weight, CBT may be the missing link. It trains your brain to think differently about food, weight, emotional eating, exercise and wellness in general. CBT is not just for those wanting to lose weight it is able to assist anyone wanting to reduce stress, anxiety and negative thoughts and behaviour patterns.

So if you are embarking on your very own wellness journey consider adding CBT to your wellness plan.