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It is important to touch base prior to booking your primary nutrition consultation. This will provide an opportunity to ensure we are aligned in our expectations and that my services are appropriate to your needs. Once your primary consultation has been booked, I will email you a short questionnaire to complete and return to me prior to our first meeting. This helps me identify possible drug/nutrient interactions and other key areas of concern ahead of time.

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Nutritional therapy consultation

Talking through your health concerns, where your health is at, where you’ve got challenges and investigating and discussing the various body systems to find the root cause of your health issues – this is the only true way to allow your body to heal.

After this, I will design a program for you to follow, focusing on nutrition, supplements and lifestyle changes, and by specializing it to suit you, we make it one that you feel confident you are able to follow through on.  Short term changes are not the goal.  True change happens with consistency.

For example: If you are working on the computer the whole day, I would recommend you set an alarm and every hour, take a 5 minute break to look around, move around, breath, hydrate.  It may seem so simple, and obvious even, but do you do it?  An hour or two or three can fly by and we end up stagnant, motionless and this does nothing good for our health. Doctors are calling sitting the new cancer!  When it is scheduled into your day, it gets done. Simple, easy, consistent, scheduled changes!

Supplements are a wonderful way to up our nutrition and make sure we have an optimal level of vitamins and minerals.  Some people need high doze supplements for a short term to get their levels up and sometimes testing is required. Long term constipation may require short term supplementation until your body learns better ways of functioning. Supplements are an added support and never to replace a healthy diet.

My preference is always food based nutrition.  Loaded with phytonutrients!  When it comes to dietary changes, I listen to you and base your plan around your preferences.  I will never recommend a vegan diet to someone who loves a delicious oven baked salmon and I wouldn’t draw a plan involving loaded plates of vegetables, unless you love them of course.  I tailor make the plan with you, with your buy in.  No one knows you better then you and what you are prepared to do.  I will guide, encourage and educate but I am not here to get you to eat what I eat or to follow my personal daily programme.

Starter package: €147

  • Pre-consult verbal and email communications
  • 60-90 minutes telephonic, skype or in person consultation
  • An agreed action plan for the days ahead
  • An e-mailed summary report of the findings
  • Recommended referrals and testing where necessary
  • A personalized program, including meal plan, supplements and lifestyle adjustments
  • Post-consult follow up – 30-45 minutes telephonic, skype or in person consultation to review test results, make micro changes to the personalized plan and address any new concerns or questions

I will be a call away and follow up appointments can be added as needed.

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