Can You Eat Bananas Every Week?

Can we just take a moment and discuss this significant yellow fruit! Ahh how I love bananas 🍌😍⁣⁠

I try to eat at least 1 banana a week because of these 5 health benefits:

5 Health benefits of eating bananas weekly:

🍌 Fibre source⁣⁠

Bananas can help beat gastrointestinal issues like constipation. It is fantastic for gut health!⁣⁠

🍌 Vitamin C

Vitamin C supports your brain health, repairs tissue damage, and supports you in absorbing iron.⁣⁠

🍌 High in potassium and low in sodium

This combination controls your blood pressure and provides you with heart health.⁣⁠

🍌 Rich in Vitamin B6

Just one medium banana can provide you with all the vitamin B6 your body needs for the day! Vitamin B6 helps with your metabolism and provides health to your nervous system.⁣⁠

🍌 Weight maintenance⁣⁠

One ripe banana can be a good snack that will keep you full longer and prevent overeating.⁣⁠

Besides the amazing health benefits, bananas are also very diverse- they can be a snack, and they can be used in breakfast meals as well as in desserts. I love it!⁣⁠

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