The most extraordinary results are achieved with a tailor-made plan, designed to suit each person’s individual requirements. I do this, together with my clients, to ensure buy-in, commitment and results. I assign an initial consultation of 2 hours where I take a detailed case history.  This enables me to gather as much information as possible to ensure I understand the current nutritional and lifestyle status. At the follow up session we go over the personalised recommended dietary and lifestyle plan. This may include dietary modifications, lifestyle and environmental adjustments, specific supplements and recommended laboratory tests.

Siohban Swart consulting a lady at her desk
group of people holding there hands together up in the air with sun in the background


For many people, group sessions can be more powerful, motivating and mutative than working one on one. Being with like-minded people on the same mission makes the journey more enjoyable as it brings with it the realization that you are not alone. The support and encouragement come from multiple people, who often become close friends.

[QUOTE: He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything]